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Thalis: Power Factor Corrector

Reliable and inexpensive power factor correction

meteo plus logo This power factor corrector helps to obtain an improved power factor, with a minimum of added capacitors. It also supervises power supply by measuring voltage, current, total harmonic ratio and provides alarms when something exceeds predefined thressholds.

This design was really challenging because many advanced features had to fit in a small PIC microcontroller in order to achieve highest value for price.

This Power Factor Corrector features automatic capacitor bank's current and C/K configuration, making this device able to operate without configuration! The only parameter that needs to be set-up is the current transformer ratio in order to display correctly current and power but the device will operate correctly even if this is not set.

Increased robustness is achieved by the way that auto-configuration works. Even if consumption changes during auto-configuration making it impossible to measure with high accuracy capacitor bank's reactive current, the device will still operate reasonable but with a non-optimum way. It operates with rated frequencies from 40 - 70Hz that can vary across time a feature which makes it unique for use in small industries in islands.

Connection and reconnection delays are configurable and self-adjusted to ensure that improved power factor is obtained with rational control of the capacitor operation. Alarm function can be enabled and disabled independently for several alarm sources. For example if harmonics are constantly high in a distribution system it's usefull to disable harmonics alarm. Device's operation can be monitored remotely via optional RS-232 port.

Operational features:

  • Supports 6 or 12 independent capacitor banks
  • Supply voltage: 400V +10%, -15%
  • Power consumption: 7VA
  • Power factor adjustment of which: 0.8 inductive - 0.9 capacitive
  • Reconnection time of same step: 0-240s
  • Tripping sensitivity: 5-500s/step
  • Current circuit
    • Rated current Ie: 5A
    • Operation range: 0.01-5A
  • Output Relays
    • Rated switching current: 5A
    • Rated switching power: 1800VA
  • Degree of protection: IP40
  • Class: II
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 50C

Free download

*Please ask the marketing company for a printed version with latest updates.

Pricing and more information

Digital part and firmware for this Power Factor Corrector was designed by doitforme.gr and is being marketed by "Thalis", Greece. For pricing, support and additional information call +302102137417.

More info

For more information about Power Factor Corrector, don't hesitate to ask using this form.

Important note

doitforme.gr disclaims any responsibility for the operation of this device. Company that markets this product is responsible for production, testing, quality control, EMC testing and providing warranties to end users.

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