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Meteo Plus 2004

Data Logging Suite with NMEA and Weather Station extensions

meteo plus 2004Meteo plus is a data logging suite that is able to log data from GPSs, Compasses, weather stations and other NMEA devices. Additional data sources can be used with custom add-ons. Data can be formatted and presented as text, in tables or special visualization plug-ins.


Main Studio: Alpha Player

Professional audio solution for shops and cafes

Thalis power factor correctorAlpha Player is a compact mp3 player designed for professional use. It mixes music and advertisement tracks while its built in compressor/limiter ensures audio level for pleasant hearing. In addition, Alpha Player's tracks are grouped in genres that can be enabled with a single touch in the key-pad.


Thalis: Power Factor Corrector

Reliable and inexpensive power factor correction

Thalis power factor correctorFrom small industries to large factories, monitoring and control of power factor is essential in order to avoid supply and distribution system overload due to reactive power and utility companies' additional fees. When the loads are mostly linear, the most inexpensive way to correct power factor is by adding capacitor banks in parallel to the load. This power factor regulator controls the connection of capacitor banks in order to have efficient power factor correction.



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