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Computer education services

educationThe concept

doitforme.gr reduces training expenses while covering completely your educational needs by respecting the value of your personal time. What is less, 100x15 or 10x50? This is the question that doitforme.gr answers correctly in contrast to others and saves you hundreds of Euros and much valuable time.

The problem

Lots of hours of tutoring at extremely low price in a multi-person group don't guarantee anything. In contrast everyday this way of tutoring is being proved to be inadequate because it requires the trainee to adapt to the course and the group. This may be acceptable for children but is not appropriate for modern businessmen and university students. Your time is precious and there is no need to waste it trying to adapt. The course must adapt to your needs.

How does it work?

You contact us through this form and describe the content and the purpose of your study briefly. If our fast and highly efficient courses, cover your needs better, we are going to contact you to arrange a specific course. Otherwise, we are going to consult you for free for other ways to entertain yourself effectively.



Courses are being customized and scheduled to cover completely your requirements with adequate number of exercise and practice hours. Special care is being taken to minimize the overall number of hours and arrange them in such a way that serve your schedule better.


doitforme.gr extends its services and gives you the ability to have your manuscripts typed on professional press-ready LaTeX format.

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