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Software and hardware development

developmentThe concept

Today, more than ever, market changes rapidly. The only way to stay on market is by having close feedback and meet its needs. That's the key of doitforme.gr's success.

Our purpose

We are delivering highest value products with lowest cost. For this reason we use outsourcing and unisourcing techniques to provide you fast time to market with lowest cost.

We do not set-up "SAP solutions"

We are mainly interested in small to medium sized applications that are going to solve specific problems quickly and efficiently.

How does it work?

You contact us through this form and describe your problem briefly. We analyze your problem and if it reveals a market gap, a member of our development team is going to contact you. Otherwise we provide free consulting service via e-mail as acknowledgement for your time and care. Consulting service may guide you through well known solutions via commercial products.


If the solution to your problem interests us there are three ways of partnership.

1. Low cost development

Our development team implements your solution and you take a 70% discount on the final price of the product. Marketing rights and copyright belongs to doitforme.gr.

2. Quick start-up

If you know many customers that are interested for the product and you want to market it yourself you can buy marketing rights for an extra fee.

3. Risk-free advantage

If the product offers unique competitive advantage to your company, you can purchase months of exclusivity. After these months, doitforme.gr can market the product freely.

All products get free promotion through our web site.


Free your imagination

doitforme.gr lets your imagination free by using a broad range of tools to develop complete solutions to cover your needs.

1. Embedded systems design based on microcontrollers (Microchip, Atmel, STMicroelectronics), CPLDs - FPGAs (Xilinx, Altera) and DSPs (Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Microchip's dsPIC).

2. Software development for devices running Windows or Linux including PCs, PDAs and Smartphones in programming languages such as JAVA and C# (.NET framework) or C++.

3. Web front ends for database driven applications in languages such as PHP, ASP or XML interfaces (web services).

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