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Meteo Plus 2004

Data Logging Suite with NMEA and Weather Station extensions

meteo plus logo Meteo plus is an application originally developed for Aegaeo ship of Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. This unique product provides great flexibility with its powerful configuration and modular design. It can log data from GPSs, Compasses, Weather stations (e.g. Furuno) via Aanderaa's Sensor Scanning Units (e.g. 3010) and other NMEA devices or any data source by using special add-on modules. Various mathematical operations can be applied to create virtual data sources. Data can be formatted and presented as text, in tables or special visualization plug-ins.


  • Data logging to any ODBC compatible database like Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Supports any NMEA 0183 device including GPSs, Windmeters and Gyro Compasses
  • Supports Aanderaa's Sensor Scanning Units (e.g. 3010) transfer protocol. This can be used for exmple to interface Shipboard Weather Stations (Furuno)
  • Easy to maintain and upgrade through it's easy setup system and modular design. Custom modules can be provided to cover customers' special needs
  • Graphs of last three hours for every measured quantity in order to simplify weather report that ships must provide to registrar.
  • Supports serial to USB converters for laptops and PCs with limited number of serial ports
  • Extensible to future NMEA over Ethernet protocols and other heterogeneous data sources
  • Reduces overall cost: It is cross - platform and runs over free Linux systems with free databases like MySQL
  • Easy to use and extremely reliable.

Free download

System requirements

Any Windows or Linux system running Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition, v 1.4.2 and the Java Communications API. PIII 800MHz with 512Mb RAM or better with free USB or Serial ports for connection with NMEA devices.


Product Description Price*
Meteo Plus 2004 full edition Fully functioning version. €480
On board installation If you have complex system a trained technician will set it up for you. €260/day + travelling expenses
Additional modules Custom modules that can integrate to the data logging system to cover your custom needs. Starting from €230

* Prices do not include Tax (VAT)


screenshot one

Meteo Plus 2004 in action

screenshot two

Settings provide great flexibility

More info

For more information about Meteo Plus 2004, don't hesitate to ask using this form.

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