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Main Studio: Alpha Player

Professional audio solution for shops and cafes

meteo plus logoAlpha Player is a compact music player designed for professional use. It mixes music and advertisement while its built-in compressor/limiter adjusts audio level for pleasant listening. Alpha Player's tracks are grouped in genres that can be enabled with a single press on keypad's buttons. For example, in a cafe, chill out music could be chosen for the morning and pop hits - R&B for the afternoon.

Alpha Player's operation doesn't require any monitoring device reducing this way, cost and space needed. It can be connected with any professional audio system on a store or cafe within seconds as easily as a CD player.

Why music?

Research has proved that music dramatically affects the psychology of customers. Shoppers buy more and more expensive brands when they get excited by listening to their favourite hits. They also tend to stay more in the store and get informed for products and services. Additionally, music can alleviate stress, create a mood and make waiting seem shorter.

Especially in businesses with ethnic flavour, it is essential to retain for example, the Mediterranean, Chinese or western character, by carefully selecting the style of their music. It's more important even from the decoration of the store.

Why Alpha Player?

From the first moment Alpha Player starts to play, it saves money for the business. It provides all the benefits that we described above by providing high-fidelity music while at the same time releases staff from the obligation to supervise music players. There is no need for a DJ anymore because music is being selected and mixed by Alpha Player. Grouping in genres ensures that you have the right tunes the moment you need it. Customers won't be annoyed anymore by advertisements and news reports on the radio. Customers won't be annoyed anymore by CD's skip aheads. Customers won't hear advertisements of competitors. In addition Alpha Player can bring money directly by playing selected advertisements.


  • Effortless integration with existing professional audio setup
  • Ease of installation, maintenance and operation
  • Fast music update via Web, LAN or direct connection
  • Grouping of tracks in genres that can be selected independently
  • Smooth track change with real-time mixing
  • Pleasant audio volume with embedded compressor/limiter
  • Advertisement support with one-touch frequency adjustment
  • Mix-now button for fast track change

Pricing and more information

Alpha Player was designed by doitforme.gr and is being marketed by Main Studio, Greece. For pricing, support and additional information please contact Main Studio:

main studio logoMain Studio
New address: Ag. Eirinis 17, Melissia, Athens - Greece
Phone number: +30 210 8048918
e-mail: mainstudio@doit4me.gr

More info

For more information about Alpha Player, don't hesitate to ask using this form.

Important note

doitforme.gr disclaims any responsibility for the operation of this device. Company that markets this product (Main Studio) is responsible for production, quality control and providing warranties to end users.

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